According to reports, mechanic seeding aircraft suspected bomb that brought down Russian aircraft

planting bomb

An aircraft mechanic whose family member has ties to Islamic state in Syria, is accused of planting a bomb in the Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt last October, according to a published report.
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Helicopter crashes a few meters from Australian


An Australian was one of the tourists who watched in horror as a helicopter went out of control while trying to land on an island in Fiji.
Bob Carroll was having dinner just 50 meters from the runway Treasure Island when a Eurocopter AS350 trying to land was pushed against a tree by a powerful blast .
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China accuses US B- 52 “provocation” on Spratly Islands


China has accused the US “serious provocation” after he flew B -52 bombers near one of the disputed Spratly islands in the South China Sea .

Chinese military were placed on “high alert ” during the incident on 10 December , and issued warnings to leave. The Pentagon said it was investigating the complaint. China claims large swaths of the South China Sea , but in territorial dispute with a lot of neighbors in the region . In October , China rebuked the US after a destroyer sailed near a reef.
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